Best habits my husband and I developed during Lockdown

Health and Lifestyle Jul 29, 2020

When the lockdown was announced in March due to the Corona era, like everyone else, we were also surrounded by anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty.

Several negative outcomes came with the Covid-19 lockdown/restrictions-

Not having the option to go out.
Unnecessary fear primarily imposed by news channels.
Negligible social life and interaction.
The worst of all was being far away from family.

It has been 4 months since we have visited our hometown and met our parents. We miss them a lot. Hence, it was quite easy to be stressed or frantic under these circumstances.

With increasing cases globally, we are taking all precautionary measures we can, to stay safe and healthy. Creating a new lifestyle and habits has become a new normal for us.

But there is a saying “Every cloud has a silver lining” which means there is always some good in every gloomy situation or sometimes there may be even better things waiting for us. So, as the days passed, in the darkness of COVID- 19, we saw some really good things around us (Don’t get me wrong. I know the situation may be different for others and we all have our challenges to face). Some things will be relevant to you, others will not.

This slow time gave us a great opportunity to adopt some good habits, understand them, and make positive changes in our routine life.  These habits were not new and were already present in us. Maybe the lockdown gave us a perfect chance to follow them with discipline and also to start new things we had previously been putting off. So, I am sharing my experience with you:

1) Daily morning-evening walk and morning Yoga

We used to go for walks earlier and I used to go to yoga classes too. But it was irregular, unorganized and limited to weekends only (it could also be an excuse) due to our regular busy schedule. I sometimes took a long break from these activities for several days.

Due to corona restrictions, working from home and staying inside all day becomes quite dull and depressing. Thanks to the much-reduced air pollution here in Delhi/NCR, these days we can take a 30-minute morning and evening walk in some fresh air, listen to the birds chirping, and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. This great 30 minutes lifts our overall mood and refreshes the soul.

In the same way, daily yoga, asana, breathing exercises in the morning relaxes the body, calms the mind, and gives us great positive energy for the rest of the day.

In a nutshell, life before the lockdown was “Work first, Health next” and now it is “Health first all next”.


2) More focus on healthier eating

We had a habit of starting the day with lukewarm water with Lemon, Amla juice or Giloy. Now what we have added is to have soaked almonds, walnuts, anjeer, raisins, or dried amla as the first thing to eat in the morning.

Earlier, we used to do this regularly if any of our mother (my mother or his mother) was with us or if they remind us over the phone (sometimes they even scold us). Otherwise, despite setting the alarm of soaking (9:00 pm)/ eating (6:00 am) dry fruits, we always failed to follow this habit religiously.

Second, we have started taking mid-morning homemade beverages like buttermilk, lemon juice, herbal tea, kadha or coconut water, etc.

Feeding the body with these healthy foods or beverages ease digestion and strengthen your immune system naturally.

Some recently adopted eating habits-

  • Thanking God before having a meal for blessing us with the food.
  • Sitting cross-legged on the floor while eating for at least 2 meals
  • No phone, laptop, or tv for at least one meal.


3)Offer prayers

Although lighting the morning and evening lamps in the temple was always a habit but I was not that much thoughtful of its purpose. Now I have started giving some devoted time to worshipping- chanting various mantras, reciting Ramayana/Bhagwad Gita/Purana/Chalisa, and other holy books.

I started realising that these holy books or activities are there to give us the strength, the power to conquer the darkness or sadness of our life. These holy scriptures are to increase positivity and motivation around us. If we are not getting positivity we are practicing it incorrectly.

Reading and understanding these holy books teaches a lot of good things about life and how to live. Prayer gives me inner peace, satisfaction, and fills the mind and soul with hopefulness.

I do not forget to pray to God for the health and safety of my family, our doctors, health workers, essential workers, and all those who are facing many problems due to this Corona era. These frontline corona warriors are doing a lot for us either directly or indirectly.


4) Spending time on hobbies and interests

We gradually started realising the importance of the few hours (especially weekends) that we were saving since the lockdown started. So we have added this time to our hobbies. I am learning different types of painting, sketching, etc. My personal favorite is reading novels, storybooks, general and scientific material and Quora. Reading helps a lot to develop new perspectives, gives fresh experiences, knowledge and what-not.

My husband is spending his quality time with his new composition, poetries, stories, and articles. He loves to recite and record them and brush up his video editing skills.

Spending quality time with your hobby works like therapy because it helps to stay active, energetic, and vibrant.


5)      Being Grateful and enjoy little things

The best habit I have developed in this lockdown duration is being grateful and a lot more thankful for so many blessings.

I don’t need to overly worry about finances; I and my family are safe and sound, I have a good place to stay, I am surrounded by good people, etc. Today itself I read a Buddhist proverb that says “‘enough” is a feast”, means there is no point in having something more than you need and it is very important to identify your real need.

I am also realising the importance of being part of this existence. Giving back to society and nature in different ways is our prime duty and social responsibility. Earlier we used to feed stray dogs and needy people during every occasion/festival and contribute money as per our capability.

In lockdown time I have pushed this thing to one step ahead, these days I am recording free lectures for differently-abled children. It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction.

We are enjoying so many little things- Sunrise, sunset, feeling early morning breeze, morning chit-chat, and laughter over tea/coffee, reviving old and childhood memories, sharing silly things we used to do and believe when we were in our childhood. A few days ago, after ages, we got drenched in rain intentionally and that feeling was blissful.

This lockdown has taught us to live a hustle free life. This was indeed needed not only for people but also for nature and other forms of existence on earth. So we changed the term ‘quarantine/ lockdown’ period to the ‘Self-realisation’ period for us. Hope we will continue to follow these good habits.


Disclaimer: These all are my personal experiences during Coronavirus lockdown time. May be it is relevant for someone or may be it is not. The sole purpose of this article is the share my realisation towards life. I hope you may get some motivation to pen down your experiences during this hard time. If you wish to share your story with us. You are most welcome. We will publish it in the site as a guest post.

Sunita Tiwari

Sunita is the main brain behind the concept of KahaniGuru. It was her dream to uncover the hidden story behind each real thing and to pen down them.

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